Friday, April 10, 2009

Every tutu wearing girly girl MUST have matching hair clippies!

I have to take a moment to tell you about my good friend's etsy shop Ellebows and More. "ElleBows™ & More! Handmade hair accessories for little ones." Now, yes she is a friend of mine, but believe me, friend or not, her shop has the cutest little hair clippies I have ever seen (don't believe me, go see for yourself!)

Addison has several of them to match all her outfits and not only are they absolutely darling but they amazingly stay put in her super fine hair! I was so over the moon excited when Addison finally had grown enough hair to be able to ditch the headbands and go for the clips, but so many of them just fell right out (which equals choking hazard as well as losing them). I have never had any issues with my Ellebows sliding out and that is one of many, many reasons I love them so much. Aside from the no-slip factor (can I go on about that a little while longer!),Ellebows are just so stinking adorable! She has several different options and seems to add new options almost weekly. Itty Bitty Ellebows for the very first hair sprouts, matching clippie duos, clippie trios, button ellebows (my personal favorite!), silk flower clippies, adorable funky crochet flowers, felt flowers with cute little ribbon leafs, and I see just added new today (I told you she is always adding new things!!) sweet crochet butterflies!

Ellebows make great gifts too. I have purchased them for friends' daughters and they always add a unique and pretty touch to the gift (and come attached to super cute display cards). I will tell you though, I have been guilty of buying Ellebows as "gifts" and loving them so much that I end up keeping them for Addison and needing to get more!

I'm a little biased, but I think this picture of Addison in one of her many Ellebows is too cute!!

So head on over to her shop on Etsy and get the little sweetie in your life some adorable clippies! And while you are on Etsy, why not pick up a matching custom tutu from BabyCakes Creations for the ultimate gift! Also check out her blog for fun tutorials, product updates, sale announcements, and other good reads.


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  1. OMG! Addison is too adorable in her hair clippie! I am so happy you love all your ElleBows. Thank you so much for this awesome post!