Friday, April 17, 2009

Crafty Friday - DIY Magnets Tutorial

Crafty Friday is a new addition to my Blog. Every Friday (I will try to stick to this as best I can but please allow me a couple of "get out of jail free cards") I will post a crafty tutorial or idea to inspire and give you something to do on the weekend. If you have suggestions or your own instructions to share please let me know!

Our first Crafty Friday - DIY Magnets Tutorial

These are too cute and look so easy to make!! At last something to do on a lazy Saturday with extra scrapbook paper! I imagine you could use old wrapping paper, ribbon, magazine clippings, newspaper, photos, etc. to achieve your desired look. Find the tutorial over at Crafting Chicks. They have lots of other fun ideas too so take a look around while you are there! I can't wait to make some cute new magnets. Might even make some custom cute thumbtacks with these while I'm at it! These would make a great hostess or housewarming gift too!

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  1. I was wanting to try this! Thanks for the link!