Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Coming Soon...

The weather in the Pacific Northwest has been SUNNY until the last few days which has kept Addison and I outdoors and away from the computer (you have to enjoy it while it lasts around here!!).

I have been working on some new designs though and will have photos coming soon including photos of the gorgeous and super-summery garden fairy tutu dress. This design in two shades of pink and citrus can be made in an adorable tutu dress (my fave!!) or as a gorgeous tutu- also super sweet! It screams "summer" and I am hopeful that if I keep creating more of them the sun will come back and stay :) Also coming very soon - more hair bow/clippie holders, as well as more super cute tutu designs...so stay tuned!

And of course, if you have your own design in mind, I love love love custom orders! Check out my shop and keep checking here for new product announcements!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Crafty Friday - Decoupage Letters!!

These are too cute and I can't wait to try it!! This would make a great addition to any nursery, bedroom, or even the rest of the house honestly. There are so many ways you can do this project since there are so many different scrapbook paper options out there. No matter what look or style you are going for, it can be achieved. This is one of those inexpensive crafty projects that in the ends looks like you paid some good coin for it. Check out the decoupage letter tutorial on Gray Matters' blog for all the how-to details.

I would love to hear about and see photos of your finished pieces! And as always, if you have a tutorial or crafty idea you would like to share for Crafty Friday please let me know! Happy crafting - have a great weekend!! ♥

Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Product Announcement - Sweet Hair Bow Holders!

Check out our first "other girly things" - adorable hair bow and clippie holders! There are two currently available and more to come soon. The first two are for the ultimate girly girl with lots of pretty princess pink and bling bling bling -the Girly Bling Hair Bow and Clippie Holder and the Sweet Princess Bling Hair Bow and Clippie Holder.

What an adorable way to display your little cupcake's hair bows and clippies! A functional piece of decor for displaying and organizing all of those hair bows and clippies!

For bows and clippies to display on the holders I recommend Ellebows and More as previously raved about here.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Crafty Friday - DIY Magnets Tutorial

Crafty Friday is a new addition to my Blog. Every Friday (I will try to stick to this as best I can but please allow me a couple of "get out of jail free cards") I will post a crafty tutorial or idea to inspire and give you something to do on the weekend. If you have suggestions or your own instructions to share please let me know!

Our first Crafty Friday - DIY Magnets Tutorial

These are too cute and look so easy to make!! At last something to do on a lazy Saturday with extra scrapbook paper! I imagine you could use old wrapping paper, ribbon, magazine clippings, newspaper, photos, etc. to achieve your desired look. Find the tutorial over at Crafting Chicks. They have lots of other fun ideas too so take a look around while you are there! I can't wait to make some cute new magnets. Might even make some custom cute thumbtacks with these while I'm at it! These would make a great hostess or housewarming gift too!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fingerprint Jewelry

When Addison was a few months old, I ordered a fingerprint necklace kit from Prairie Creations. I received a piece of clay with instructions in the mail and made Addison's print. Then I sent the tiny print back and they fired it into a piece of beautiful jewelry with Addison's initials on the back. This piece of jewelry is so very special to me and I plan to get additional fingerprint charms as we add to our family. There are also several etsy sellers that make beautiful fingerprint jewelry as well.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Birthdays and Tutus = Adorable Fun!

Saturday April 4th was Addison's 1st birthday and party!!! Along with her cupcake theme, giant cupcake-cake I made her and all the other little things and good company that made the day special, she OF COURSE was wearing a Confetti Birthday Tutu! This tutu design is one of my all time favorites to date - partly because it reminds me of birthdays and they are so fun (especially 1st birthdays!), but also because it comes in 8 gorgeous colors that scream "happy birthday!!!" Melon, yellow, lime, aqua, pansy, garnet, paris pink, and baby pink make up this adorable tutu.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Toddler Food Ideas

Ok, so this has nothing to do with tutus or tutu accessories, but I figure many of you may have toddlers and kids of your own. If you are anything like me, you are always looking for new fun meal ideas that are both nutritious and add some variety.

Today I found an amazing website Wholesome Toddler Food (I also used Wholesome Baby Food to make all of Addison's purees and get other beginning solids suggestions and highly recommend it.) This toddler site has TONS of great suggestions for even the pickiest of eaters. There are great recipes and even sample menu ideas!

I'm officially inspired to jazz up Addison's meals this week - hopefully you can gather some good ideas too! If you have other great websites or ideas for toddler feeding I would love to hear them also! ♥

Last Day for Easter Sale!

HAPPY EASTER! Reminder that today is the last day to take advantage of the BabyCakes Creations Easter Special for 10% off your order! Just enter SPRING10BLOG in your order notes.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Every tutu wearing girly girl MUST have matching hair clippies!

I have to take a moment to tell you about my good friend's etsy shop Ellebows and More. "ElleBows™ & More! Handmade hair accessories for little ones." Now, yes she is a friend of mine, but believe me, friend or not, her shop has the cutest little hair clippies I have ever seen (don't believe me, go see for yourself!)

Addison has several of them to match all her outfits and not only are they absolutely darling but they amazingly stay put in her super fine hair! I was so over the moon excited when Addison finally had grown enough hair to be able to ditch the headbands and go for the clips, but so many of them just fell right out (which equals choking hazard as well as losing them). I have never had any issues with my Ellebows sliding out and that is one of many, many reasons I love them so much. Aside from the no-slip factor (can I go on about that a little while longer!),Ellebows are just so stinking adorable! She has several different options and seems to add new options almost weekly. Itty Bitty Ellebows for the very first hair sprouts, matching clippie duos, clippie trios, button ellebows (my personal favorite!), silk flower clippies, adorable funky crochet flowers, felt flowers with cute little ribbon leafs, and I see just added new today (I told you she is always adding new things!!) sweet crochet butterflies!

Ellebows make great gifts too. I have purchased them for friends' daughters and they always add a unique and pretty touch to the gift (and come attached to super cute display cards). I will tell you though, I have been guilty of buying Ellebows as "gifts" and loving them so much that I end up keeping them for Addison and needing to get more!

I'm a little biased, but I think this picture of Addison in one of her many Ellebows is too cute!!

So head on over to her shop on Etsy and get the little sweetie in your life some adorable clippies! And while you are on Etsy, why not pick up a matching custom tutu from BabyCakes Creations for the ultimate gift! Also check out her blog for fun tutorials, product updates, sale announcements, and other good reads.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The must have tutu accesory!

I recently stumbled across a fellow etsy shop, Knotty Baby Wear which features knotty legs. I have been pairing similar leg warmers with skirts and tutus on Addison for the past several months and was so excited to find this shop that not only offers very affordable knotty legs but some of the most adorable leg warmers I've seen to date!

♥♥♥ Every tutu wearing girl needs some knotty legs! ♥♥♥

These are great for crawling, potty training, diaper changes, and they are just too sweet and stylish! They come in a variety of sizes and patterns so check out the shop and get yours - and they even offer free shipping! www.knottybabywear.etsy.com


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

SPRING SPECIAL through Easter!

Because the sun has been shining the last couple of days in the Seattle area and that makes me so very happy... Receive 10% off any tutu purchase through Easter Sunday. Just enter SPRING10BLOG in the notes section at checkout and you will be refunded the 10% through paypal. www.babycakescreations.etsy.com.

Monday, April 6, 2009

BabyCakes Creations SALE!

In honor of my daughter's recent cupcake themed 1st birthday party, my adorable pre-made and READY TO SHIP NOW Cupcake Tutu is currently on sale! This is one of my personal favorites for sure.

Colors are garnet, paris pink, and white with hot pink satin ribbon bow and adorable pink cupcake satin ribbon bow.

This tutu has an 18 inch waist and will stretch to accommodate up to 21/22 inch waist. Will fit most 6 month olds through some 3 year olds. It is 6 inches in length for a super fluffy sassy fun look.

Tutus are created with Made in the USA 100% nylon flame retardant and certified lead free super soft tulle.

Custom Tutus are my specialty so if you are looking for something different or need in a different size just let me know and we will create something perfect for your little cupcake!