Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Simple Mom

Today I stumbled across a blog that made my heart sing and I want to share it with you.

I am a planner by nature and organization is my game (well at least it was pre-baby...). When I decided to be a stay at home mom it seemed simple enough that I could raise my baby, run errands, have dinner on the table every night and keep my house clean and organized...well the last one of those has been something I have been wrestling with how to keep a better grip on since the first weeks we brought Addison home.

Addison was never a great napper as a newborn so I found it difficult to get much cleaning done in her 20-30 minute naps - not to mention much of her newborn napping she would only do on me in a sling! When she was awake she was a baby that always wanted to be held and I loved holding her. As she got older and her naps increased in time and she would take them in her crib, it has gotten much better, though I still struggle with needing a little down time versus cleaning like a mad woman to get everything done during naps (not to mention taking care of other "duties" like managing our rental properties, home and my husband's real estate business finances, and an online business).

Now that Addison is a toddler she is very good at independent play and does allow me more time to get things done - or include her. Example - helping me with folding laundry by handing me all the socks she can find, or helping me stir something I am cooking for dinner (as long as it's not hot of course!), but even still I find myself always feeling a step behind with the house chores. I have come to grips that my house will not always be perfectly clean and I am "ok" with it not being spotless as I know this time with Addison is short and precious. That being said, I am still an organizer/planner nut (not necessarily full on clean FREAK though I do feel sooo much better in a clean house - I just hate the cleaning part!) and I do need some order for my own sanity.

Simple Mom has so much inspiration for people just like me!! From a full 10 day guide to simplifying spring cleaning, to checklists you can download (I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good checklist!), grocery and menu ideas, monthly calendars and SO much more!! If you are anything like me in your quest for organization this site is so helpful! I love her simple approaches and straight forward advice.

I would love to hear what you think of this site and any other tips you have from your own life or other sites you love!

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  1. Great site! Thanks for sharing!

    I hired a housekeeper and it's by far the best money ever spent. I don't worry about toilets, vacuuming, or mopping anymore! We cut the gardener and the pool guy in exchange for the housekeeper. My hubby loves to work outside so it was a perfect exchange :-)