Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tutus for the ultimate Halloween costume!

Halloween is right around the corner and what better than a custom tutu costume! Tutus can be made in any length and color combination for the perfect costume! Add embellishments such as ribbon streamers, pompoms, flowers, crystals, etc to create the ultimate custom costume that is sure to be unique!

Some ideas for tutus that you can easily pair with solid colored shirts, leotards and tights:

Witch - purple and black tutu or orange and black tutu (pair with witch hat)
Pumpkin - orange tutu with green ribbon
Tinkerbell - green tutu with purple ribbon (add some wings and a magic wand)
Fairy - any color tutu but I think of hot pink or purple (again, add wings and a wand)
Rainbow bright - tutu in rainbow colors with rainbow colored ribbon streamers
Bumblebee - yellow and black tutu
Cheerleader - tutu in team colors
Ladybug - red tutu with black pompoms
Flower - any color tutu with rosette embellishments
Bride - white tutu dress with tulle veil

Contact me for a custom listing for any of these or other ideas you have - I would love to help you create a memorable Halloween for your little one with a custom tutu!

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